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8kHz/8kHz 4″ ImpulseRC Alien

Shout out to Airbot for providing the OMNIBUS F4 for this “alien on steroids” build.

Featuring EMAX red bottoms 2600KV and Racerstar 30A V2 BLHeli_S ESCs.

Sexy Helix

ImpulseRC Helix Build In Progress

Racerstar 30A ESCs fit perfectly fine inside the fairings. I can’t wait to test the super cheap Racerstar motors.

The Beauty Of A Kissed 5″ Alien

Kissed Alien Build In Progress

I should probably fly more and stop building…

FPV Porn

Martian 220 Rebuild

I like the frame so much that I designed a GoPro session mount for it. Take the STL file from Thingiverse. This is my best and cleanest build until now. The Matek PDB with XT60 connector on the board and linear regulator on the 12V pad for clean video are super cool.

Martian Ready To Fly

PDB replacement was necessary due to horrible video noise and PDB burning (probably caused by screws contacting the boards electronics).

Diatone ZMR 200 Build

Diatone ZMR 200 is ready to fly.

The power distribution board is a complete fail, don’t buy it. It burns out or if you are lucky you get horrible video noise and the OSD vanishes when applying throttle. There is a fix for this: soldering external capacitors. However I don’t feel like fixing complete boards like this with huge capacitors which make the build look like crap. This quadcopter needs a rebuild with new PDB and maybe even a cheap FC with OSD.

Martian Clone Wars

The upgraded 220mm and 4mm arm version arrived. The quality of the carbon is outstanding. Parts all fit together.