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Besiege Quad

Building new quads started early this year.

TomoQuads Sonic

For a very long time I wanted to fly something small, around 2″. It would allow me to fly near home and abuse local play grounds. I almost purchased the well known Eachine Lizard95 because friends of mine fly it and they seem to have tons of fun. There are millions of reviews of the Lizard saying that it’s a great (and lightning fast) quad but there are things that I don’t like about it, like for example the not so great FPV cam. Long story short I decided to build something myself and use premium parts like the Runcam Micro Swift V2.

The following parts were used in the build.

The quad is extremely fast on 3S batteries, using 2S would probably be enough as well as 5500KV motors.

Wraith32 Loading

Not finished yet and still building. Time is worth more than money these days. OMNIBUS F4 V3 is soldered (except beeper but who needs that anyway). Check out previous post.

And by the way… did you see that OMNIBUS F7 FC on Aribot’s web site? Why do I still run F4?

6″ Explosion Loading

New Hiking Rig

Magic is in the house 😉

Crusader @ KISS AIO V2

Diatone Crusader frame @ KISS AIO V2 = 3″ Smoothness Overload


KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One @ 16A KISS ESCs
Diatone Crusader 150 Frame
Diatone D-Silver 1408 4000KV Motors
Diatone SP3 VTX + OSD
HS1177 FPV Camera @ 2.8mm Lens
TBS Triump Antenna


– Smoothness Infinity
– 4S Powah @ 4000KV Motors
– Power Switchable VTX
– FrSky Telemetry
– No ESCs @ Arms
– GoPro Session Ready
– HS1177 Camera

KISSed ImpulseRC 5″ Alien

I just can’t stop building them.

Easiest Build Ever

Alien 4″ Update

The alien now has sexy tubes for RX antennas and is equipped with the XSR (fits better) instead of the X4R-SB. It flies really well with the OMNIBUS F3 AIO Pro. I am selling this monster so get in touch with me if you’re interested!

Airbot FCs Video Wiring

I’m sure this tip will be useful for some of you out there who use Airbot’s fantastic flight controllers like the OMNIBUS F3 AIO Pro or OMNIBUS F4 AIO and have some trouble with flickering or disappearing OSD.

To get clean video without noise you actually have three options (to power the camera).

  1. Get clean power from a PDB with some kind of filtering.
  2. Get clean power from OMNIBUS FC.
  3. Get clean power from your VTX (video transmitter).

My choice was to get the 5V for the camera from my VTX because it delivered very clean power and the video was perfectly clear on my previous builds with Foxeer TM25 (40CH 5.8G 25/200/600mW Switchable VTX). However I had the problem that my OSD from OMNIBUS F3 Pro was flickering when applying throttle. It turned out that the ground circuit is not closed properly. After fixing that I had extremely clean video and no OSD issues at all (see wiring picture).

Please note that this is not a workaround for something that is broken on the FC. It’s just a fix for something I messed up.