Airbot is the very first manufacturer with the 35A rated and DSHOT1200 capable BLHeli_32 ESCs.

The potential KISS ESC killer is 32bit based and runs a Cortex-M0 at 48MHz. This should allow the ESCs to be extremely efficient and run motors as smooth as never before. The ESCs are packed with features like auto timing, voltage and current limiting and even telemetry.


  • designed for 35A
  • 2-6s capable
  • includes current sensor
  • small sized with 15*30mm (31mm including signal and GND pads)
  • RGB LED inside

The Build

My kwad with the Wraith32 ESCs will be built out of following parts.

Follow the BLHeli_32 thread @ RCGroups for more information.

Build In Progress

Quality of the ESCs is very good, as usual for Airbot’s products. The golden plated pads are super easy to solder. I’ll probably turn over the ESCs and solder the motors on the other side because then I don’t have to cross + and – wires on my PDB.

Airbot mentioned that adding some tin to the long pad on the side will increase current capacity so I’ll do that as well.

The Wraith32 ESC are longer than KISS ESCs or Racerstar 30A V2 ESCs and it has to be taken into account (they’re also about 6mm thick). I wanted to make motor wires a bit longer and it’s now a pretty tight fit on the arms. The RGB LED is now on the bottom of the ESCs but it’s easier to connect them to the PDB for me that way.

The FC is soldered and the new BLHeli works well. The ESCs get recognized as “Airbot_Wrait32_ST”. Current Betaflight 3.1.7 does not have the necessary code for the pass through function so the one from RCGroups thread has to be flashed.

I don’t recommend flashing the pre-production ESCs with Airbot_Wraith32_ST_Multi_31_2.Hex. I just bricked my ESC #1.