Well… airbot did it again. They released this really cool AIO board (including PDB and OSD) for micro quads which are really nice for flying at home in the winter. I finally found time to take a first look at it and I think I’ll design a 3D printed frame around this cool flight controller because I currently have no idea which frame would fit the 25mmx25mm (mounting holes) board.

It’s insane if you look at the features of this little but powerful guy.

  • STM32 F303 MCU which runs Betaflight (there is a F4 version around as well)
  • SBUS/PPM input + DSMX port
  • 4x motor output pins
  • SPI sensor MPU6000
  • SD card slot
  • current sensor
  • barometer BMP280

So let me state this clearly. You get this small AIO board which includes the FC + Betaflight OSD + PDB (up to 2S direct battery input) + SD card slot for black box recording for just about fifty bucks.

What other components to use with this board? Well I already ordered this Racerstar 6A ESCs and 8000KV motor combination. Now just have to design the 3D ABS printed frame.