Now I’m 150% sure that you can’t fly this quad inside a small flat like mine. It’s lightning fast and mostly suited for outside action or extra large rooms.

You like what you see? Buy the QX105 BAT @ Banggood!


This little speeding machine features very *very* powerful 1020 core less motors (black edition). It comes with built in receiver (FrSky, DSMX/DSM2 or FlySky) and an AIO FPV module with 25mW VTX with 48 channels and a 600TVL CMOS camera (M7 lens with 120 degrees field of view) with adjustable angle (how cool is that? ;)). The most exciting feature however is the built-in Betaflight OSD and telemetry output which I never saw on a micro quad like this.

And did you see those pictures? The quad looks extremely cool and it has configurable LEDs! 😀


  • 2 spare motors
  • 4 spare props (2x CW and 2xCCW)
  • 2 600mAh Eachine batteries
  • USB charger
  • split wire for parallel charging of 2 batteries
  • prop removal tool
  • velcro tape for attaching batteries
  • user guide


  • Kwad itself weights 56g.
  • With battery 71g.
  • The frame is extremely durable, it’s 1.6mm thick. I crashed it many times on concrete and against trees but it still flies great without hiccups.
  • The battery is 14g and 24 by 45mm.
  • Propellers are 66mm long and extremely durable.
  • One motor is 7g.


I flashed newest BFL 3.1.1 and I recommend to flash this version as soon as the quad arrives. The target was OMNIBUS and one can pretty much leave all PIDs as they are but for my taste RC rate must be increased. The QX105 can be flashed without pressing any buttons on the flight controller because the boards jumps into DFU mode automatically.


Well… see for yourself. I can’t believe how fast that little guy is. It’s outstanding! I used and abused the QX105 and crashed it against trees, on concrete and “landed” it in snow many times but it still flies very well.


My Betaflight 3.1.1 settings can be downloaded from here.


The Eachine batteries are really annoying when it comes to holding the voltage. It sags constantly and makes the beeper go crazy all the time so I suggest to deactivate the beeper for voltage alarms. This can be done in Betaflight with the following commands.

beeper BAT_LOW

I did not react to the voltage warning and just landed the quad after 5 minutes of hard flying with the 600mAh Eachine LiPos.


It’s a great, durable and extremely fast outdoor quad for beginners and advanced pilots. The fun starts when you push the throttle really hard. Definitely buy this kwad!

The Good

Things that are fantastic about the kwad.

  • Very well designed and cleanly build quad. Great for playing outside.
  • Good FPV AIO  module.
  • Receiver already inside the flight controller.
  • Powerful motors
  • F3 MCU
  • Betaflight OSD
  • MPU6000 GYRO connected via SPI

The Ugly

Things that could get better.

  • It’s not a deal breaker but only RSSI is sent via telemetry to your Taranis. I’d love to at least have voltage so Taranis tells me when to land.
  • ESC connectors pop out when landing or crashing sometimes so you have to use some silicone (or better some super glue) to fix them.

The Bad

Things that absolutely need to be fixed.

  • The batteries are not great. The voltage drops almost instantly to values around 3.5V and below and Betaflight beeps the hell out of the FC. Please Eachine give your customers much better batteries.