So there is this cool friend of mine who just got into FPV (First Person View) and he asked me about how to start flying drones like in the video below, without spending a fortune on it. Read on if you want to know how to do it (I am starting over, again, as well in 2021).

Buy yourself a TX and start to fly on your PC

You don’t have to buy batteries, chargers, goggles, antennas, propellers and even a drone to start. Just buy the most popular and versatile transmitter out there and then start flying on your PC. The name of the transmitter is Taranis and it’s made by FrSky. There are two versions of this well known transmitter that are really worth buying, the Taranis 9XD Plus and the Lite version.
You might ask why to start flying on PC, well the answer is pretty simple. What if you don’t like flying in the long run? I met a dude who’s sense of balance went crazy while he was flying with goggles on his head and so he had to puke all the time. You want to avoid spending money on the whole setup before even knowing whether you’ll like your new hobby. If you don’t you’ll save yourself a lot of hustle because you don’t have to sell any other gear beside your TX.
The great thing about the mentioned TX is that you can plug it in into your PC very easily. Then download a free trial of Velocidrone to get a feeling for FPV. Controlling a drone is not an easy task at the beginning but if you master it virtually then you’ll master the real thing as well, plus you won’t crash a physical drone that fast (but you’ll still crash one for sure, that’s part of the hobby :)).

If you want to know how to proceed after flying for hours in Velocidrone just stay tuned for another short article from me.