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Besiege Quad

Building new quads started early this year.

Eachine E010S

So I was flying this little micro copter for a few days now and I have to say it is amazing for flying at home. I installed Betaflight 3.2.2 immediately on it and found perfect settings for it so it flies really well (check out my screenshots in the gallery below).

Eachine E010S


PIDs Settings


ESC Settings


The PIDs are surprisingly high but it seems this is needed for brushed micro quads.

I really recommend the following to enjoy flying over the winter days.
– Do not install the canopy and fly with as little weight as possible.
– Use the rubbers to keep VTX and cam from falling off after hard landings.
– Buy more LiPos and a multi charger to charge more and fast.
– Buy few spare props.

This is why we love (to) CrashAlot!

Airbot OMNIBUS F4 Nano + Ori32 4in1

This is most probably the one and only killer combo for the micro FPV quads out there. The flight controller is not even officially out but I already have it and will start building my beautiful Eclair (yes, I give my drones names) seconds after posting the following pictures of the combo.

So the features for a freaking micro drone will be insane with this setup.

Airbot OMNIBUS F4 Nano V4

  • STM32 F405 MCU
  • MPU6000 gyro connected via SPI
  • Betaflight OSD
  • LC Filter
  • 20x20mm M3 mount holes

Ori32 4in1 25A ESCs

  • 32bit ESC with BLHeli32 (DSHOT1200 available)
  • Supports 2-4S
  • Voltage Output (VBAT)
  • 20x20mm M3 mount holes

Everything I can say now is that the soldering pads on both boards are huge. Every casual solderer should be able to solder wires to them. The build quality of the boards is extremely good, as always for all Airbot products.

Motor Resource Re-Mapping

At first I though one of the ESCs on the Ori32 4in1 board is broken because motor 2 was not spinning at all. It was not so please keep reading.

If using the all-in-one connector to connect the OMNIBUS Nano FC and the Ori32 4in1 ESCs you most probably have to re-map your motors because the last pin of the white connector on the FC is actually motor 6 and not 4. That’s why after connecting you get ESC number 4 connected to motor 6 pin on the FC. Additionally if you rotate the ESC board you have to adjust resources accordingly.


A word of warning about the stand-offs. I had to get the nylon stand-offs down to avoid pushing components like FETs or capacitors off the boards while screwing the stand-off down. Please take a look before using your gorilla strength 😉