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Comment picker says that Wolf Beastmode is the winner of the give away for So congratulations! If you want to receive the blue crab (paying shipping only) please get in touch with me via




JJRC H43WH Drone Give Away

JJRC H43WH Blue Crab

You can grab your crab at BG for just USD37.99.

The Features

  • Nice blue design.
  • Foldable and therefore good for traveling.
  • Cool red and blue LEDs.
  • Guarded props for more safety.
  • 720p camera for videos and photos.
  • Flips and rolls with just 2 pushes to the screen.
  • Headless mode.
  • Nice mobile phone app with WIFI connection.

The Video

The Package Content

  • The drone itself.
  • Battery charger.
  • 500mAh battery.
  • One set of spare props.
  • Screwdriver for props.
  • User manual.

The Review

You probably already watched the video and you already know how good looking the JJRC H43WH is. It’s made of ABS and stiff so it will be hard to break but keep in mind that it’s not made of carbon so you better not fly it full speed into a wall.

I was surprised how stable the little quad is because I was testing similar toys in the past and it was pretty damn hard to keep them hovering above the ground. There is a small drift to the sides but you can pretty much get rid of it by using the trims inside the mobile app. So to get started flying the crab you basically just charge the battery over the USB charger, download the mobile app, connect the app to the drone and use the touch screen of your phone to fly it. You use touch buttons to steer in all directions, make it do flips and rolls. There are also buttons for taking of, landing. Please be aware that you shouldn’t fly it further away than 30 meters, keep in mind that it’s being controlled over WIFI. The quad copter is harder to steer when it’s windy so take this into consideration when going outside.

You can take photos with the crab and also record videos. Everything is saved nicely through the mobile app on the phone. I was using an iPhone 6 for my review and everything was working just fine. The little camera inside is 720p so has a frame size of 1280 by 720 pixels. It records with 25 frames per second and with a bitrate of 1405kbps. The quality of the photos and videos is obviously nothing special but what would you expect for this amount of money anyway.

The battery is a small 1S 500mAh battery and it takes about one hour to charge it. It lasts only 5 minutes so if you plan to take the little guy for a hike I suggest to purchase more batteries.

If you transport your drone folded you need only 38 by 150 by 96 millimeters. Unfolded it takes 150 by 150 by 27 millimeters. It’s light with 75 grams (including battery).

I’d say that for just USD37.99 it’s a pretty good deal for people who just want to take a sneak peek on playing with quad copter toys.

The Give Away

You can get the JJRC H43WH for free. How?

  • Like my Facebook page, find the post with this review and comment “I want that drone!”.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel find the video with this review and comment “I want that drone!”.
  • From all comments one user will be picked randomly on 23rd September 2017. The user has to be active YouTube subscriber.
  • The winner has to pay shipping from me to his destination and will receive this quad copter for free.

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